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Unveiling the Vision and Expertise of NEXTGEN GROUP

A Story of Innovation and Growth

In the heart of Washington D.C., there lies a company that has been reshaping the landscape of investment, development, and construction. NEXTGEN GROUP, with its inception rooted in the early days of the millennium, has grown into a multifaceted giant, seamlessly integrating technology and strategic expertise across various sectors. This is a tale of a group that started with a vision to offer more than just services but to build lasting relationships grounded in professionalism, knowledge, and reliability.


NEXTGEN GROUP: A Symphony of Expertise

At the core of NEXTGEN's philosophy lies a unique blend of financial and strategic analysis, tailor-made to align with client's aspirations and market dynamics. Whether it's a venture into new businesses, property development, or tapping into renewable energy sectors like solar and wind, NEXTGEN stands as a beacon of professionalism and innovation.


Global Footprint, Local Expertise

NEXTGEN isn't just confined to its headquarters in Washington D.C. The company has expanded its reach to several key markets, including Ocean City, Maryland, and various locations in the Dominican Republic like Sosua, Punta Cana, Caberete, and Santo Domingo. This diverse presence ensures a blend of global expertise with local market knowledge, crucial for the success of their clients.


NEXTGEN Construction and Renovation: Building Dreams into Reality

Founded in 2001, NEXTGEN Construction is a testament to versatility and excellence. From groundbreaking new structures to intricate renovations, their portfolio is diverse. Specializing in custom kitchens and bathrooms, they offer a wide range of services, including:


Full-Service General Contracting

High-End Remodeling

New Ground-Up Construction

Specialized Project Divisions (Kitchen, Bathroom, Painting, Roofing, Structural Repairs, Excavation, Windows, HVAC, Solar)

The preconstruction phase is where NEXTGEN truly shines, addressing potential challenges proactively and laying the foundation for successful project execution.


Nextgen Development: A Strategic Approach to Investments

Nextgen Development stands as a pillar for those looking to buy, sell, or manage assets. With a dual focus on Real Estate and Business, they offer comprehensive services from land acquisition, project management, construction management, to business growth and consulting. Their expertise in the Dominican Republic's investment, development, and construction landscapes is particularly notable.



Nextgen Property Management: Redefining Real Estate Management

Since 1988, Nextgen Property Management has been redefining the concept of boutique management in Washington D.C. Catering to a mix of affordable and market rate properties, they are selective in their clientele, ensuring each managed property meets stringent criteria.


21st Century Funding: Financing the Future

Established in 2019, 21st Century Funding specializes in offering creative financial solutions for real estate projects. From joint venture redevelopments to private money investments, they are a hub of innovative financial strategies.


Harnessing Data and Technology

NEXTGEN GROUP isn't just about offering services; it's about leveraging the latest technology and data to ensure efficiency and optimal outcomes. Their approach is data-driven, ensuring each decision is backed by concrete analysis and market insights.


A Journey of Trust and Excellence

NEXTGEN GROUP has not just built structures and investments; they have built trust and reliability. With a commitment to staying connected, educated, and ahead of the curve, they stand as a leader in their fields. As they continue to expand and innovate, NEXTGEN GROUP remains a name synonymous with excellence and strategic foresight in the realm of investment and development.

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